About US

Quick Kidz was founded in 2023. Quick Kidz aims to help young children and young athletes develop strength, speed, agility and coordination, all while having fun at the same time. 

Our four goals are: Move, Learn, Develop, Have Fun! 

Move: Children need to move their bodies, it is essential for their development physically and mentally. 

Learn: Learning will take place at each camp. The children will learn new skills that they will work on to help them improve. 

Develop: Developing comes from learning; once the children learn some new skills, they will develop physically and lead them to be successful. 

Have Fun!: Having fun is the number one priority at Quick Kidz! When children are having fun, they want to learn and want to develop. Fun makes everything more interesting so by making our activities and games fun, children will want to move and participate.

What really sets Quick Kidz apart from other camps is the experience, creativity and passion of founder Mike Mancini. He is an experienced elementary physical education teacher, a youth sports coach, and a youth basketball official. He has been involved with the youth community for almost 20 years. With Mike's knowledge and years of experience, he strives to make every child feel included and encouraged!